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Page was born~ July 22,2012
When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about. And that was the beginning of fairies.
(Most of the gifs that I put on here are from google and not made by me.If I start making them I'll tell you I made them.)

Tinkerbell Yellow Glitter Wings
knocking-on-elsas-door sent: Hello there, wish you a nice day! I just wanted to say, that I love your blog and I would really like to join your fairy family as Vidia. ♥

Thank you that means a lot to hear you like my blog.Welcome to the family sugar.

Anonymous sent: Hey! you forgot to put Irridessa and Zarina's name on the Never Land Fairies list

Thanks for telling me.

Anonymous sent: can you make gif in part of tinker when silvermist say she's right she could after fawn say tinker bell could switch talents and silvermist say she's right me nether after iridessa said it could be dangerous?

I’m sorry but I dont know how to make gifs.I want to learn but I haven’t yet sorry. ;(

periwinkle-frost-fairy sent: Hiya, i just wanted to say that i absolutely love your blog and was wondering if i could join your fairy family as Periwinkle please?

Sorry about the delay. But welcome to the family Peri!!!

Zarina’s pretty face appreciation post!

Silvermist | Fawn | Rosetta | Vidia

Tinker Bell’s pretty face appreciation post

Silvermist | Fawn | Rosetta | Vidia | Zarina

Vidia’s pretty face appreciation post

Fawn | Silvermist | Rosetta

Rosetta’s pretty face appreciation post

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Fawn’s pretty face appreciation post

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Silvermist’s pretty face appreciation post

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